Hi everyone!

I am soooooooo excited to share with you my brand new single ‘DOING MY BEST’ which you can stream/download HERE.

So thrilled that it will get its first radio spin on Saturday 27th April on BBC Music Introducing Solent! Thank you BBC Music Introducing!

sequence jacket

This one’s a bit different to my previous releases, a lot more upbeat (and happy!) so I am so excited for you guys to hear it.  It started as an idea I wrote on my piano 6 months ago and I had so much fun transforming it into a full pop track!

Doing My Best is about finally feeling like you’re moving forward after setbacks in life and re-focusing yourself. As you may know, I do find a lot of enjoyment out of writing and singing sad songs but I felt like it got to the time where I wanted to write something happy! The song is about feeling good, strong and confident in yourself and feeling good riding solo.  I wrote it when I felt like I got over a period of time when I felt like I had been in a rut.  With the help of my amazing friends and family who hyped me up and built my confidence back up, I finally got to a place where I felt good and positive about myself.  It’s all about not holding onto any bitterness and shifting any negativity way so that you can focus on yourself and do the best ‘you’ that you can.  I want this to be an anthem that everyone can relate to and blast out loud and proud!

I really hope you like it. I would love to know your thoughts! Thank you so much as always for the amazing support. It helps me out hugs amounts.


Big love to you all!

Tara xxx