New Song “emotions” out NOW!

New Song “emotions” out NOW!

I am so excited to have my new single “emotions” out.  This one’s a bit more of a sentimental ballad number. I really hope you like it. You can listen to it here!


I wrote this song over a year ago and now.  I remember the day I started writing it on my old out of tune piano in my family home.  It was right before I had a morning shift at work and I remember the chorus idea came to me and I didn’t want to stop writing! So I ended up being late for work lol.


The song is about those moments when you feel fragile.  Old emotions can resurface from something like a text, or seeing a photo or bumping into someone.  As much as you want to fight your feelings and emotions, sometimes you can’t!


My way of channeling those emotions was through creating this song.  I hope you can connect with it in some way.


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Thank you always.

Stay safe and big love,

T. xxx