The Start of my Gap Year

The Start of my Gap Year

Hey guys – What’s up?! Hope you’re doing well. Thought I’d say hello here and share with you what’s been going on :)
As some of you may know, I have taken a gap year this year before I start to study a music degree at ACM Guildford in Surrey next year. This gives me time to focus on what I love to do – songwriting and doing some gigs whilst also working part-time waitressing because I gotta earn that money, and music doesn’t pay for itself (not yet anyway! 😉 Haha!) I’ll be honest, last year was quite a struggle balancing A Levels and music, so I am absolutely loving the fact that I have so much more time this year to dedicate to music.

Thank you SO much for all the love and support I’ve been lucky enough to receive with my debut EP ‘THE GAME’ which I released on 11th September this year. Releasing my first collection of original music was so nerve-wracking but SO exciting and I’m honestly so thankful for the incredible support that I have been receiving through downloads on iTunes, radio stations giving my tracks airplays, links which have been shared online and also those of you who purchased physical copies! There are personalised physical copies available for £5 each if you’d like one (Perfect Christmas present wink wink) Check it out in my ‘Shop’ section. I would love for you to have a listen if you haven’t already and to of course know your thoughts about my work.

Prior to the release of my EP, I was so SO happy to find out that BBC Introducing had selected my track ‘Cards on the Table’ to be played on their show, and I am ecstatic that they chose to play it again! It meant so much that they selected my track amongst the hundreds of entries they receive each week, and the fact they wanted to give it some airplay again makes me feel over the moon! Some of my favourite artists which inspire me massively like Florence and the Machine and Catfish and the Bottlemen started out with the support of BBC Introducing so it means so much that they’re supporting my music. Though it may seem like a small step, it means a lot to me. I think BBC Introducing is such a great platform and fantastic way of helping and supporting unsigned singers and bands, especially as it’s so difficult for aspiring unsigned artists now to get their music out there.

The whole process of creating my first EP has been such a learning experience and I now feel ready to challenge myself and create a new sound with some new original music. I absolutely loved creating ‘THE GAME’ and I now feel inspired to create new music that stretches me even more, vocally and musically.  I’ve been songwriting a lot and I’ve been really inspired! I’ve been writing about new concepts, opening up more in my songwriting (because I’m guilty of bottling up, but I’ve realised I can’t hold back in music! Or in life for a matter of fact…#inspirational). With this new material, I feel eager to get into the studio and start producing new tracks which I hope to share with you in the coming months.

I just released my cover of Adele’s massive hit ‘Hello’ on my YouTube Channel so it’d be awesome if you could check it out! It is very different to the original, but I loved the fact we changed it up and made it different. I had such a great time recording it with this amazing music producer – Ryan Glover. I hope you like it! You can check it out here.

Christmas is fast approaching, and crazily 2015 is coming to an end, so I’d just like to say, to anyone who has been supporting my music over this year – as cliché as it sounds, it honestly MEANS THE WORLD. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without any support so I’m reliant on you lovely humans of the earth! Thank you for your ongoing support and I hope you can stick by me as I work on some new things for you! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a truly wonderful new year! Here’s to 2016…BRING IT ON.

Big love,

T. x