Uni: Year 1… Complete!

Uni: Year 1… Complete!


It’s now 12.52AM and I actually wrote this whole post out once already, but with my incredible luck, it all deleted when I returned to my laptop before publishing it… here’s take two…

It’s been a while! How are you? You good? Hope you’re good.

It’s been a busy few months with rehearsals, live shows, festivals and Uni work!  A few weeks ago, I headlined a show at The Star in Guildford and also played at London’s largest music Networking event ‘Tileyard’, both of which were incredible experiences!! It has been great to be supported by my two friends Dan (on drums) and Henry (on electric guitar and midi-fighter).  Last week, whilst frantically trying to finish my Uni Assignments for the end of year 1, I had the pleasure of coming home to Dorset to play “Yellow Brick Festival” and then a spontaneous set at “Camp Bestival”! Music, sunshine, (a lot of rain) and mud is a beautiful combo! I had the best time and I even got a little shoutout too! Camp Bestival 2017 – Family Friendly Fun in a Field

Through these live shows I’ve been able to debut some new songs that I’ve been writing over the past year and it felt really great to share them for the first time and hear people’s initial responses – which have (wonderfully!) been very positive.  One thing I am currently working on is trying to bring these songs to life through creating fully produced tracks. I’ve experienced many hurdles in this industry and one current halt has been producing my own material and getting the right sound. Though this career path can be a tiring process both physically and emotionally, I am a firm believer that with passion, hard work and a load of perseverance, it will pay off!  Now Summer has come around, I’m determined to get the ball rolling!


It’s crazy to think that my first year of University is over. I’ve learnt a lot this year. It has not only been an eye opener to the music industry as a business, but also to life in general – being a student and living away from home.  One big achievement that I feel I should mention is that I can now successfully cook rice without burning it!!!!!!! (It took me 9 months but I got there.) But seriously I have had an incredible year developing my craft, networking and performing at awesome events. I feel that this year I’ve also strengthened up as an individual.  Despite my efforts to be a charismatic, confident person, at times, like many others, I am still very insecure, an issue I have battled with for a while.  However, as I continue to immerse myself in the industry, take control of my direction, and further delve into who I am as an artist and person in general, I have begun to become more confident.  It’s something that is a gradual growth, however I am pleased with the progress over this year.

There have been ups and downs with Uni, however one aspect I felt particularly passionate about was picking up the new module – music therapy. This was particularly special for me as within this course I learnt about the power of music as a natural medicine for those suffering with Dementia. My wonderful grandmother Rita suffered with Dementia and sadly passed away a couple of months ago.  It was heart-warming to learn about the science of how music can help similar clients with Dementia in ways that medicine cannot.  The music/rhythm part of our brains is one of the last affected by Dementia. I remember though my grandmother used to sometimes not remember who I or her sons or daughters were, however whenever someone mentioned the song “Lilly of The Lamplight” she would sing along without a second thought. This was always a happy moment that would undoubtedly make us smile. Having the opportunity to further explore the power of music as a therapy was incredible; something I would like to investigate further and incorporate into my own compositions later on.


I’m excited for this summer break, to continue working on my material, perhaps producing a couple of tracks but to also rejuvenate before the new academic term.  It’ll also be exciting trying to find a new student house for next year… our landlord is selling the house! – and we have 2 weeks to find a new one…!

Being an independent and unsigned artist is a difficult journey – my friends who are also pursuing music can attest to this.  Keeping on top of rehearsal times, gig bookings, promotion, emails, recording sessions and social media whilst at the same time receiving feedback and critique can be an interesting balancing game, but it’s all worth it because when it comes down to it, I get to do what I love.  I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I have experienced so far and the immense support I receive.

Here’s to the next stages! Thank you for catching up with me! I hope you have a wonderful day.  Biiiiiiiiig love from me as always.

T. xxx

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