Hey guys!

Hope you’re doing good.  Welcome to my brand new website!  Thank you for visiting.  With the help of some fantastic people, I’ve set up this website as a place for you to access all of my music activites, whether it be upcoming events, gigs or brand new music releases.  At long last, my debut EP ‘THE GAME’ is going to be released on Friday, 11th September 2015!  It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve put a lot of hard work and time into this musical creation, so the anticipation is big for me!  Though I am honestly, quite nervous, I’m very excited for it all to finally be put out for everyone to hear.  Thank you so much to everyone who has pre-ordered the EP on iTunes. If you haven’t, it would mean so much if you could please pre-order to help me out.  Every pre-order counts massively and contributes into determining where and if I sit in the iTunes (and other online) charts.  If you are unable to pre-order/download from iTunes, my EP is also available on Amazon.  As an aspiring singer-songwriter releasing my first collection of material, it is a difficulty trying to push my music out there for people to hear.  Being relatively unknown, your incredible support is what will help me climb up the charts, gaining more artist exposure which may (hopefully) lead to further things! This is why I am so grateful to you guys that support me.  Without the support I would go nowhere, so a huge and sincere thank you to you!  I really hope you are able to please continue supporting me.  It honestly does mean so much as you are key to my musical journey.

You can pre-order ‘THE GAME’ EP here on iTunes or here on Amazon.

It’s great to be able to now have my very own website to share things like this with you!  I’m so excited for it to go live.  Have a good look around!  Speak to you soon.  Take care :)

T x